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The imminent Switch Off of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) actioned by Openreach offers consumers and businesses alike the opportunity to move away from outdated and restrictive copper-wired telephony, while embracing more secure, cost-effective and modern communications.

By December 2025, customers of ISDN and analogue phone lines will need to consider and implement a cloud-based phone solution, like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), in order to safeguard their service and avoid unnecessary disruption.

PSTN Switch Off

End-of-life service announcement: For more information on what’s happening and what you need to do if you are affected, read our full statement.


Supercharge your communications with VoIP

The modern communications alternative for customers of ISDN and analogue phone lines.

Our business-grade Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system uses an internet connection to make and receive high quality calls. By choosing this option, you unlock advanced calling and reporting functionality, the ability to work from wherever, reliable disaster recovery options and more.

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All IP Magazine

Journey to All IP Magazine

A comprehensive guide on navigating the PSTN Switch Off and beyond.

Why choose a VoIP phone system?

You connect your sales and service teams with superior tools needed to offer superior customer interactions.

Integrations with your favourite business tools, from HubSpot to Salesforce, give you instant access to customer details to personalise pitches and nurture stronger customer relationships. Call routing and queuing features give you the opportunity to elevate your first-contact resolution rate by ensuring each query reaches the right person, first time.

You can even utilise our advanced reporting and wallboard tools to gain heightened visibility over real-time performance so ensure your teams are always reaching their targets and offering the best experience possible.

Standard features

  • Call forwarding and handling

    Get the right query to the right person, first time

  • One number anywhere

    Enhance your professional image and build trust

  • Remote office

    Take calls anywhere, on your preferred devices

  • Voicemail

    Never miss a chance to assist a customer

  • Optional features

    Call recording, Wallboard statistics, CRM integration and more.

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What solutions are retiring?

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Line

An ISDN line is a digital phone line that allows for the transmission of voice, data, and video signals. These phone lines can come as ISDN 2 or ISDN 30. With the upcoming PSTN Switch Off, the ISDN will also be retiring which will make these products obsolete. Businesses that need to issue or utilise multiple dedicated numbers across their business will likely have an ISDN line. If this is you, it may be time to consider a future-proof alternative.

Single Analogue Line

A single analogue line, also known as a traditional phone line, is a legacy communication service that provides one phone number and allows for a single call at a time. With the upcoming PSTN Switch Off, single analogue lines are being retired as part of the transition to All IP solutions. These lines rely on outdated technology and infrastructure, with limited scalability and advanced features.

Multi-Analogue Line

A multi-analogue line allows for one phone number to make and receive multiple simultaneous calls. However, with the upcoming PSTN Switch Off, multi-analogue lines are being retired as part of the transition to All IP solutions. These lines rely on traditional copper-based infrastructure, which will no longer be supported after the Switch Off.

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Four reasons you will love VoIP


Calls package included

Daisy Hosted Voice includes a generous call package of 2,500 local and national minutes and 2,500 minutes to mobile. This makes life easier for our customers by providing cost savings, simplified billing, reduced administrative hassles, enhanced productivity, and scalability.


Maintenance done for you

Daisy Hosted Voice is a fully hosted service, meaning your system is managed and maintained by your network provider, reducing the maintenance time and costs that would typically burden IT teams. With this service, you can enjoy hassle-free communication without worrying about the technical aspects, like updates and security measures.


User-friendly portal

With Daisy Hosted Voice, you get access to our user-friendly web portal, which enables you to add and remove users without incurring the costs, delays, or downtime associated with adding lines to an on-premise system. Our portal enables quick adjustments to your communication setup, so you can scale effortlessly – without the need of engineer intervention.


Work from anywhere

Daisy Hosted Voice offers disaster recovery options, ensuring seamless communication and reliable business continuity, while giving you the flexibility needed to adapt to changing work trends and demand. With DHV, you can expand your talent pool without location restrictions, foster collaboration and innovation, and more.

The phone system of the future

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