A dependable phone system is essential for successful business communications, whether you’re taking external calls from customers, calling employees internally or both.

Up until now the debate between landline (Private Branch Exchange – PBX) and internet-based phone systems (Voice Over Internet Protocol – VoIP) has been a matter of preference, but in this current age where traditional means of communication are beginning to phase out, it’s time to agree that VoIP is the future-proof solution over the out-dated PBX phone system.

At the end of December 2025, The Public Service Telephone Network (PSTN) will be switched off, to be replaced with a fully digital fibre network that relies on internet protocol (IP). Businesses that have not made the exchange before the arrival of the deadline will risk facing a communication blackout as they are forced to encounter long installation waiting lists. This is why it is crucial to adopt a reliable VoIP phone system now.


There was once a time when PBX reigned as the leading phone system solution, however as technology has advanced the technology is fast becoming a burden. Not only are the installation periods costly and frustratingly longer than VoIP, PBX limits an employee to a fixed location. Taking on new employees also costs your business more than it needs to, with the need to add new lines for increased staff volume.

In comparison, VoIP offers a hybrid and flexible working approach to employees which strengthens disaster recovery and accommodates new starters. Installation time is also reduced and less expensive.

Add-ons and integrations

Data analysis shouldn’t be a difficult task when it comes to call monitoring and reporting, it should be readily available and offer actionable insights. The PBX phone system lags in this functionality and is limited to basic features like auto-attendants or an interactive voice response (IVR), which is expensive to install, out-dated hardware.

With a VoIP phone system, data is available without complications and enables you to track trends to better understand and serve demand. VoIP phone systems also give you the ability to integrate seamlessly with your CRM system, providing a simplified solution to managing consumer information in one convenient place, allowing you to offer a superior and personalised experience for your customers.

Accessibility and cost

VoIP can offer your business everything you may need in one hassle-free place. Call is still the dominant contact channel for customers and one which 76% of customers agree provides a human element to the experience. This renewed system offers better visibility over your costs, smooth instant messaging, handle a larger quantity of calls, direct routing for quicker response times, useful call features to solve problems quicker, all within an attractive payment plan so you only ever pay what you use.

In comparison, the PBX phone system has many grey areas and exhausting paths to handling calls and data. You will require individual contracts for different tools, making upgrades, add-ons and integrations costly in both money and downtime, if it is even possible to begin with.

It is often easier to conform to a comfortable, familiar way of working but when we do that, we close ourselves off from the opportunities that new and improved solutions can offer. PBX was a go-to solution, but times are changing dramatically, and technology is changing with it. As a business, staying ahead of the game is the only way to succeed, and internet-based telephony offers a clear way forward.

Can your business benefit from a VoIP solution?

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