Understand your travelling charges

For more information on Mobile Travel Plans, please click here.


For information on Out of Bundle Roaming Rates, click here.


To make sure you get full functionality of your mobile phone when abroad, follow the below steps on your handset and your My Account self-service:


Turn on updates over Wi-Fi only

Depending on where you go, data roaming may come at a cost. We advise to turn on updates over Wi-Fi only to prevent bill shock.

  • For Apple users: Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Make sure the “Use Mobile Data” toggle is switched off.

  • For Android users: Open Google Play Store > Touch the hamburger icon, swipe up and choose Settings > Under General, tap Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.


Data Roaming

If you won’t be using your data whilst abroad, make sure this is switched off to prevent bill shock.

  • For Apple users: Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Make sure the “Data Roaming” toggle is switched off

  • For Android Users: Go to Settings > Navigate to Mobile Networks (depending on your handset, this may be under “Wireless and Networks” or “Connections”) and make sure the “Data Roaming” toggle is switched off

If you need to use your data abroad you will need to make sure the Data Roaming toggle is switched on.


Wi-Fi Assist

Wi-Fi assist is a feature only available on iOS devices. The feature helps you stay connected to the internet through your data when the Wi-Fi connectivity is poor. To prevent bill shock, we advise you to turn this off.


To disable Wi-Fi assist, go to “Settings”, then “Mobile Data”, from there, scroll down until you see “Wi-Fi Assist” and switch the toggle to the “Off” position.


Roaming Bars

If you want to use your phone or prevent your phone from being used abroad, you can manage the roaming bars through the Self-Service function of My Account. To see how to do this, click here.


Please see below the definition of the roaming bars that are available, if they are ticked this means the bar is applied.

  • Outgoing Roaming – this will prevent you from sending SMS, MMS and making calls whilst abroad

  • Incoming Roaming – this will prevent you from receiving SMS, MMS and receiving calls whilst abroad

  • GPRS Roaming – this will prevent you from using your data whilst abroad


Worldwide data cap

New Worldwide Legislation from OFCOM means that we will be capping your worldwide data roaming at £45 ex. VAT per billing month and barring you from using any more data abroad for the rest of your billing period.


To ensure your business can continue to enjoy the same level of flexibility at present and prevent us from restricting your data usage abroad please opt out now by checking the CAP / UNCAP option next to the relevant accounts and subscriptions. This can be done by logging into My Account. From there, navigate to the Mobile Management option, select the relevant CLI(s) and then choose Worldwide Data Roaming from the list of actions.

Please note – removing the World Wide Data Cap may incur additional roaming charges


Unsure about your tariff?
To make sure you are on an appropriate tariff, please contact your dedicated customer service team using the details found at the top of your invoice or in the Support section of My Account. We can check the tariff you are on and advise on costs for the country you are travelling to. We can also check for bars that may restrict you from using your phone abroad. On your My Account portal you are able to check and remove any bars as required. Click here for more information on how to add/remove bars on My Account.