The Background

A premium transport company was locked in an unhealthy contract with a major UK mobile network operator; and it was costing them millions.

The Challenge

They had contracted over 10,000 SIMs, but were using a fraction of the data they’d paid for; losing nearly 90% of their investment. Whenever they raised the issue the MNO changed their account manager, making it difficult to negotiate and therefore leaving it unresolved for years.

So the transport company went to the network behind Daisy Anywhere for a solution; they needed mobile connectivity for driver PDAs, for job allocation and route mapping, tracking vehicles, monitoring driver behaviour, and in-car 4G Wi-Fi.

The Solution

At first, the MNO gave permission for the transport company to migrate to our supplier’s network. But weeks later they went back on their word, insisting the client had to stay the full duration of their existing agreement.

With the transport company facing another year of overpaying, our supplier used the predicted margin of the future contract to subsidise them for the remainder of their existing contract with the MNO.

Finally, at the end of their agreement the transport company was migrated to our suppliers network with a custom data pool across their whole SIM estate and the range of devices; including easy access to usage information and flexible data bundles that automatically adjust price based on usage.

The Result

The transport company is now free from a costly, unhealthy contract. And using the network behind Daisy Anywhere, they’re saving tens of thousands per month; nearly £2m in total.

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