The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a huge technological shift in our everyday lives. Although the first step into the future can be daunting, it doesn’t always have to be costly and could end up saving you thousands in outgoing housing bills.

It will have a huge impact on every single area of business and daily life in years to come, and adapting to this technology now will not only save you time in the long run but put you at the forefront of this ever-changing landscape.

IoT is anything that can receive or send a signal that didn’t traditionally do so. This can be things like a smart meter to monitor energy consumption or a smart speaker, both of which are already in a large proportion of homes across the UK. Here are a few suggestions on how IoT can help you secure your home and business.

Repairs and maintenance

IoT can be used to effectively plan maintenance work by monitoring utilities all year round while providing accurate, live reporting to mobile workers. The technology can also pick up on faults and breakages before they occur which would drastically reduce emergency callouts – one of the biggest overhead costs for a housing organisation. An example of this would be a smart boiler, rather than waiting for it to break, IoT would report any fluctuations in temperature, pressure or effectiveness and send an alert to you, allowing you to call for maintenance staff ahead of time.

Energy and utilities

Smart utility meters give your tenants the ability to monitor their on-going energy consumption, eliminating the need for traditional meter readings, allowing them to manage their energy usage remotely and responsibly. They can also use this device to ensure that their homes are only heated when they need to be or to control light levels. IoT also can be used to monitor poor air quality in homes, which in turn allows you to provide better safeguarding for your tenants.

RedCare and alarm lines

Social telecare alarm devices, which are usually installed in the home of a vulnerable person, makes it possible for them to call for assistance should they ever need it. These devices rely on sending and receiving audible tones to communicate with the Alarm Receiving Centre which have been running on analogue lines for the last 50 years. With the PSTN switch off happening in 2025, whereby these lines will cease to operate, IoT technology must be adopted by social healthcare officials sooner rather than later to continue their duty of care.


IoT security systems allow you to control and monitor the protection of your home and residents. Specially designed sensors can be placed in doors to alert you when they have been opened and send alerts to your phone of any unrecognised movement occurring in your home or business. These sensors/alarms/cameras can also be added to communal areas and even hands you the power to lock doors remotely. In addition to this, smart smoke alarms can immediately notify you of low batteries, defects or even a fire whilst the property is empty enabling fast action and limiting potential damage to your property.

Benefit from IoT

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