The Internet of Things (IoT), it’s taking over and revolutionising how businesses of all shapes, sizes and types operate. While change can be intimidating, the potential IoT allows a business to harness is endless.

No industry needs to keep an eye on the horizon as much as the transport industry, and IoT is on hand to allow companies to operate more smoothly, make better decisions and save money. Addressing various areas from logistics to vehicle maintenance, here are just some of the ways IoT is making an impact.

Effective fleet management

With real-time vehicle location tracking, companies can manage their fleets more effectively than ever before, allowing easy view of which vehicles can be deployed on jobs depending on location and availability. This increases efficiency and can save on fuel costs. Daisy Anywhere, our IoT solution, provides this service to transport companies, often at a lower cost than other providers.

Fleet maintenance

IoT can be used to monitor vehicles and spot problems that require maintenance before they become expensive, emergency repairs. Sensors can uncover issues before scheduled inspections and automate alerts to notify operators right away. This maximises vehicle uptime and ensures the fleet runs smoothly.

Smart parking system

Another use of IoT is implementing it in parking systems. Through a network of sensors, these smart parking systems can detect available parking spots and alert drivers via an app. By tracking spaces in real-time, the technology is able to collect data on peak times and warn drivers of congestion or alert them if the car park is full. A smart parking system could even let drivers reserve parking spaces in advance.

We’ve only touched on a few of the ways IoT is being implemented in the transport sector in this article. Its impact is much farther reaching, helping to manage more than just motor vehicles.

Benefit from IoT

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