As we push to get ready for stop sell, we all need to take a long, hard look at the digital readiness of our business phone system and related technology. As explained in several articles throughout this edition, there are big changes coming.

The PSTN or ISDN switch off means that the copper network the nation has been using for phone calls since the 1800s is being retired in 2025 and replaced with a fibre network. This will be a huge shift in the way people make phone calls in the UK, as you won’t be able to use traditional landline phones.

You’ll need cloud hosted call systems – sometimes called digital phone systems. For business continuity, it is vital for businesses to get a jump on this and necessary changes now.

Here we have put together some questions and a guide to help you through a digital audit of your business so you can prepare for the change.

Start a digital audit

Before switching to a digital phone system, you’ll need to undertake a digital audit of your whole business, to ensure your technology is ready for the change. Firstly, take a look at your current phone system and check whether it connects to the wall and whether it’s a traditional phone connector, with a clip on one side? If it is, you have a PSTN connection and will definitely need to switch your phone system.

Next up in your business’ digital audit is to check your internet connectivity and whether you have an ADSL connection or a FTTC solution – this determines whether you’re running your business on the old copper wiring or have already switched to fibre cables.

If you use any products such as; emergency alarms, franking machines, CCTV systems, door entry systems, panic alarms, fax machines, lift lines or PDQ handheld payment devices you’ll also need to note these down when undertaking your digital audit. They’ll also likely need slight adjustments and may need integrating with your new phone system and/or connectivity solution when you switch to all IP.

Digital audit questions to ask about your phone system:

  1. Do you understand the changes that Openreach is making to the UK landline network? If you’re not sure, now’s the time to ask an expert.
  2. Do you have plans for addressing the Openreach network switch off? Keeping your businesses connected is too important to wing it. Make sure you get some help making a plan if you need it. The following questions will help that plan.
  3. Do you have analogue telephone lines that are connected to a system on site or are your phone lines already connected via the internet?
  4. How many sites do you have?
  5. How many people currently use the telephone system? Do you know if they use the system via a handset or headset?
  6. What features do you have on your telephone system currently, e.g. voicemail or music on hold?
  7. Do you actually like your current phone system? For example, do you wish there was something it could do that it doesn’t currently?
  8. Do you have any services that are no longer in use?
  9. Are you aware of any other systems reliant on your phone lines, such as alarms, door access, lifts or security cameras?
  10. Are you aware of your contract end dates?

Next steps

Now you’ve got an idea of what your business needs, you can start looking at the right systems for a phone system upgrade. However, you don’t have to do that alone. Get in touch with our Daisy Communications experts with your answers to the above and we can take care of the rest.