With the recent surge in technology advancements, many organisations are witnessing the benefits of adopting cloud as part of their operations. Not only does it deliver on back-up capabilities and disaster recovery solutions, but it is also a minimal effort and affordable approach to managing business data compared to a traditional on-premise pbx phone system.

Here’s how migrating to Microsoft Azure can help refine your business strategy:

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

The main perk of migrating to Microsoft Azure is that it enables your business to take crucial strides into modernisation, which allows you to deliver on a more secure, reliable user experience. With your business existing in a world where cyber-attacks are on the rise, having a dependable back-up solution can provide essential assurance to customers that their data is safely stored. Microsoft Azure offers this protection across both cloud and on-premise systems through robust security and threat detection services.

Not only does Microsoft Azure offer layers of security additional features enable IT teams to manage on-premise and cloud resources more easily by utilising consistent management and governance controls. This flexibility permits you to maintain some resources on-premise, even as you move other resources to the cloud without unnecessary complications.

In a Harvard Business Review survey conducted in 2020, the study discovered that businesses who embraced data to drive digital transformations witnessed a 62% improvement in customer satisfaction, a 44% increase in revenue performance and a staggering 54% increase in profit result. By migrating to Microsoft Azure you’ll be modernising your data estate, accelerating innovations by simply using cloud, increasing security and driving that all and important consistency across hybrid IT estates.

Understanding the cloud infrastructure

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework is proven guidance that has been specially devised to help you create and implement the technology strategies necessary for your business to succeed in the cloud. By applying the Cloud Adoption Framework and using the tools correctly, you will be able to better align your business to drive long-term success.

To begin your cloud journey, you need to define your business objectives so your organisation can start to identify growth opportunities using cloud technologies. Once this has been established, a plan needs to be put in place to prepare your organisation for the cloud. This step will encourage you to find a suitable method to align your workers and processes, so you are able to rationalise your current digital estate and commence transporting workloads to the cloud.

When your business is ready for cloud adoption, you will have the option to migrate your applications to modernise them or build entirely new innovative solutions using cloud technologies. Once all this is in place, it will be time to determine a well-managed cloud environment by implementing governance and designing resilient solutions that are constantly optimised.

Why Daisy?

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Interested in migrating to Azure?

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