Microsoft 365 for business has been used by the majority of us throughout our lives, whether we’ve written something in a Word document, made a Excel spreadsheet or presented something using PowerPoint.

However, there’s a number of other business applications Microsoft 365 offers you. With several other benefits often not seen on the surface, Microsoft 365 for business is the ideal solution to update your computer hardware, solve common business problems and bring your business into the modern day.

To help you decide whether to take the leap and invest in Microsoft 365 for business, we’ve tackled some common customer business problems and we’ll demonstrate how to solve them.

“We’ve got outdated tools and they lead to security and compliance risks”

Without regular security updates, software and businesses are more vulnerable to security breaches. However, some antivirus software isn’t always up to scratch for certain software which could lead to more issues. For example, subpar antivirus programmes don’t always catch email spam and bugs. This could lead to your users clicking on ransomware and phishing links.

How does Microsoft 365 for business solve this problem?

Built-in security will help protect your PCs from viruses and web-based threats and reduce the attack surface of your devices and protect your folders from ransomware threats. Your network will be protected, preventing network access to potentially malicious content online. Encryption and multi-factor authentication will limit access to business information and protect shared documents.

“We’ve got fragmented and disjointed solutions and multiple logins for them all”

With different programmes and solutions for files, meetings, surveys and planning, it can be difficult to keep track of logins and workflow. Having a variety of software also means you’ll have separate security solutions to manage and license.

How does Microsoft 365 solve this business problem?

Bringing your software together with Microsoft 365 for business will allow you to manage your organisation from anywhere within the web-based admin centre. Using the hosted service will remove the upkeep burden as well as saving you time and money on security solutions and paying out for several different software services. You’ll also know what you’re paying and avoid the surprise expense of unplanned hardware and software costs. You’ll get automatic patching and your updates will be managed by Microsoft, giving you valuable time back so that you can focus on running your business.

“We have difficulty sharing information”

Businesses can often have unsecured file sharing which can often lead to an inability to locate or easily share meeting notes, chats and relevant files.

How does Microsoft 365 for business solve this problem?

You’ll easily be able to present, share and co-author documents during your online meetings. You’ll be able to build sites and portals that connect your people to content and shares knowledge across your teams and organisation. Chat functions and shared workspaces allow your employees, partners and customers to work effectively and efficiently together. You’ll also be able to manage your time better and schedule meetings that work for your whole team by sharing and publishing team calendars.

“We’ve got too many emails going back and forth”

Internal and external emails can quickly clog up your inbox. Without a centralised place to collect team input in real-time, things can get disorganised and hectic pretty quickly. There can also be problems when it comes to collaborating in real-time with vendors, contractors and customers.

How does Microsoft 365 solve this business problem?

Instead of just having an email function, Microsoft 365 for business uses persistent chat and shared workspaces to help employees, partners and customers work together. You’ll also be able to use an integrated instant message to chat or answer quick questions. Being able to share and publish team calendars will also allow a seamless working environment wherever you and your people may be.

More about Microsoft 365

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