Do more for less with a Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription – the all-round solution to manage your business on the go. Business Premium steps things up from its Standard counterpart, offering an individual approach to handling business data securely and remotely.

Here’s a few perks of upgrading from a Standard subscription and going Premium:

1. Windows 10 Pro Upgrade

Microsoft ended their support for Microsoft Windows 8.1 from January 10, 2023. Non-subscription customers using Microsoft 8.1 can still use the available services but no longer receive any important security or technical updates.

Those who do have a Microsoft, Microsoft 365 or other Office licence, will also no longer receive Office app updates, including features, bug fixes, and other privacy safety updates. Upgrading to Windows 10 will be the only option to continue receiving crucial Microsoft updates on a Windows Device. A Microsoft Business Premium subscription, however, will offer your business the option to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, so you stay ahead of security threats and meet compliance obligations successfully.

2. Remote desktop access

The ability to work anywhere at any time is a key necessity for hybrid and fully remote workers. Microsoft 365 Business Premium provides an all-inclusive desktop and app virtualisation service called Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). This Azure-based cloud service enables everyone to access business projects and data from any location, without the need to access a physical hard drive. WVD creates a secure environment to meet remote work demands from any location and on any device.

3. Secure email and antivirus protection

Every device operating on Business Premium are protected by Microsoft Defender Antivirus, the top-ranking antivirus feature on Windows 10, which protects against a range of threats including spyware, viruses, and malware. The antivirus solution guarantees devices are kept up-to-date at all times and to protect against debilitating cyber threats. The additional Azure Information Protection add-on included in the subscription offers further protection to your emails and documents by enabling encryption and restricted access.

4. Device management

Microsoft Intune is essential for those who use mobiles and tablets as part of their hybrid or mobile set up. The cloud-based service focuses on regulating devices and identifying how they operate within your business. The conditional feature of Azure AD gives you the ability to allocate permission to applications within your organisation to protect and limit access to sensitive data.

Device Management for Windows 10 PCs lets you establish and implement capabilities such as Microsoft Defender Antivirus protection for malware, automatic updates, and turning off screens after a set time. In addition, any lost or stolen Windows 10 devices can be fully wiped of business applications and data through an admin centre – allowing you to be in control of your business at all times.

5. Business data handling

The major difference between Business Standard and Business Premium subscriptions are the security capabilities. While Standard offers many of the core productivity Microsoft features, it is not as advanced in providing full protection. Not only do you get the ability to work anywhere with Business Premium, but you can also be rest assured your employees are able to confidently access business data without the fear of it being intercepted thanks to the security package with a Premium set up.

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