The ongoing living crisis has left a big dent in our fragile economy and is taking a heavy toll on all of us.

Crime levels have also seen a gradual rise, with criminals easily profiting from performing debilitating cyber-attacks on businesses. Not only is this inducing considerable stress on employers and their employees, it’s also inciting unaffordable monetary losses that are drying businesses out for good. To stop your business from being the next target of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, here’s what you can avoid when investing in appropriate cyber security.

Money from your own pocket

According to Tech Insurance, a ‘small to medium-sized business’ will have to splash out a sickening $120,000 (£108,563.76) to recover from a cyber-attack.  A huge blow for new businesses that haven’t even had the chance to flourish yet. Not only can this leave your business in debt, it can also result in desperate cuts elsewhere, perhaps even having to let some of your trusted employees go. Restoring services is a headache, which is why it is essential to stay one step ahead with a trusted cyber security solution that can help you save both time, stress and money.

Loss of valuable clients and customers

A DDoS attack is notorious for destroying the trust between a business and its clientele. As a business, there is nothing more valuable than the confidence received from your customers. However, once your network is corrupted by a DDoS attack, it won’t just be your servers that will need repairing.

Clients and customers trust your business with their data and are justifiably concerned when it is lost or falls into the wrong hands. A cyber-attack can leak personal data and cause deliberate disruptions to prevent you from recovering it. Up-to-date cyber security can make sure this never happens and you continue to retain the trust of all your customers.

Tidal waves of disruptions

Depending on the force of the DDoS attack, your network, service or server will feel the majority of the disruption. There are three main types of DDoS attacks that can debilitate your systems:

  1. An ‘Application Layer attack’, which targets a specific weakness in the application preventing it from communicating as it should.
  2. A ‘Protocol attack’, which deliberately looks for methods to hinder the resources of a server or networking systems to weaken its response and accessibility.
  3. A ‘Volumetric attack’, which can direct excessive traffic to a targeted network to engulf its bandwidth capabilities to halt services and inhibit them from operating as they should.

Having cyber security protection is a highly reliable and intricate cyber protection solution. In the past 12 months, Daisy Communications has upheld mitigating measures for more than 10,000 individual events. This means many of our customers and clients who were originally at the risk of experiencing a DDoS attack, have had their network securely protected and kept safe – preventing them from suffering interruptions and allowing their business to grow safely.

To find out about more about the different cyber security services we offer, simply call us on 0333 320 2000 to speak to a member of our fantastic support team.