Mobile Device Management or MDM software emerged in the early 2000s but has seen exponential growth and is utilised in businesses across the globe today.

Research also indicated that 67% of SMBs now view mobile solutions and services as ‘critical’ to their business and, with growth expected to increase over the next few years, MDM software might be something you want to consider for you and your business.

Mobile devices now have more capabilities than ever before, which has ultimately led to many enterprises adopting a mobile-only or mobile-first workforce.

In fact, 42% of businesses now consider themselves a mobile-first workforce meaning that both personal and corporate-owned mobile devices are the primary devices used for accessing or interacting with corporate data.

While the portability of mobile devices can offer many advantages, the sheer mobility of them can lead to unauthorised access and data leakages if left unsecured.

Not to mention the multiple manufacturers of devices and the variety of operating systems can make managing a mobile fleet much more difficult.

Platforms such as Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition can help improve your mobile productivity without compromising security.

What is MDM software?

MDM software can be installed on your fleet of devices which then allows IT or administrators to control, secure and enforce business policy on every one of your smartphones and tablets.

Put simply, MDM is the process of managing everything about a mobile device.

Why is it important?

Statistics suggest that 70 million smartphones are lost every year with 52% of devices having been stolen from the workplace.

Meanwhile, 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses and with the costs of a corporate data breach rising year on year, the importance of having MDM software is clear.

While a lost or stolen device is an costly inconvenience, the loss of data is far more expensive than a snatched smartphone. However, incorporating an MDM solution can help you manage, monitor and secure your entire mobile fleet so that, should your devices be lost or stolen, your data will remain safe and secure.

What are the advantages of MDM?

MDM software can manage your entire mobile fleet saving you and your employees’ time as your work fleet can be configured using MDM with Wi-Fi setting and can pre-install certain apps relevant to their work and your business.

You can also improve productivity by blacklisting non-enterprise apps during business hours to ensure all your employees are focused on their work when they’re working. MDM can also enhance your security by preventing corporate data from being shared or saved on third party services or apps.

In addition, you’ll be able to update all your fleet remotely and can schedule the updates to be done outside of working hours which won’t interrupt your employees’ day.

At the current time, it’s never been more important to assess your technology and your business’ ability to work remotely. MDM offers you a secure, safe and complete package for your business mobile fleet to help your staff remain secure, keep your company’s data safe whilst boosting productivity.

Invest in MDM

Take a step ahead of your competition, invest in MDM software today and uncover the benefits.