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The Background

CareTech is a principled service provider working to deliver high quality, personalised care and support with a strongly people-centric approach. It supports adults with complex needs and care for children and young people, offering carefully designed programmes in specialist centres, many of which have schools attached.

The Challenge

Prior to contacting Daisy, CareTech had a number of analogue phone lines and ADSL internet connections installed throughout its offices and care home network. The customer had a large number of suppliers, including Daisy, which were spread across various business units that were brought into the group. As a result of this, the company experienced varying charge plans and contract terms across its suppliers.

CareTech wanted to reduce its number of current suppliers and unify its billing into one simple plan, whilst at the same time reducing costs. As well as unify its communications, the care home provider was also seeking a better customer helpdesk facility to allow its network of sites to offer an enhanced service.

The Solution

In order to provide the customer with the best possible solution, Daisy completed an audit of the services being taken by CareTech; not just from Daisy, but all suppliers. From the audit, Daisy was able to present the customer with insight into its current situation and highlight a 30% cost saving that could be gained by switching to Daisy.

Daisy proposed an enhanced contact management solution with an action plan to implement ISDN lines and stronger ADSL products, all at a competitive price.

The Result

By consolidating its telephone lines and internet with Daisy, the business now has the opportunity to benefit from the use of a VoIP solution coupled with video conferencing.

Wahid Cockar, Head of IT at CareTech said: “Following the installation of the solution, we received an enhanced, much more dedicated customer service and stronger account management.

“The new solution has allowed us to be much more efficient in our processes of ordering and installing, with better billing and account evaluation. And as a result we are enjoying marginal cost savings.

“We would be more than happy to consolidate further with Daisy; they are able to offer a wide range of products that we would definitely recommend to other businesses.”