Does your school regularly suffer from the aftermath of poor, unreliable connectivity? If so, keep reading to learn more about how the latest government funding for education, Connect the Classroom, could help to improve Wi-Fi access points across your entire campus.


What is Connect the Classroom?

Connect the Classroom is a visionary government initiative, led by the Department for Education, which is dedicated to enhancing connectivity in schools across the UK.

In an era driven by digital learning, the importance of a dependable school Wi-Fi network cannot be overstated. Accordingly, the government has unveiled a funding program tailored to support schools with inadequate Wi-Fi connections to provide a fairer learning experience for all.


Who is eligible for Connect the Classroom funding?

Eligibility for the Connect the Classroom funding is determined based on Ofsted’s criteria for schools with insufficient Wi-Fi connectivity. The program initially focuses on 55 Key Education Investment Areas identified as needing the most support. However, schools outside these areas may also qualify based on their Ofsted ratings.

To check if your school or educational institution is eligible, please visit the official government website here.


Next steps to enhance your school Wi-Fi

If your school qualifies for the Connect the Classroom funding, the next step is to find the right Wi-Fi solution. Daisy Communications is here to guide you through this process.

With our long-lasting ties to all of the UKs major telecoms networks, we really can connect your school with a range of superior solutions and the best business broadband deals on the market. Not only that, our team of UK-based advisors and engineers will handle the entire process for you. From your installation, right through to your continued support.

To get started on your path to stronger schooling, fill out this form or call us on 03300 534 125 for advice.


Why should education providers choose Daisy?

Daisy Communications is here to assist schools and other educational institutions in making the most of the Connect the Classroom funding.

So, here’s why we could make a great match:

Unrivalled experience

With over 20 years of experience working with schools, academies, and other educational institutions, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced in the sector. As a result, we can provide valuable insights to help your school make informed decisions.

Shared values

We care about developing talent, just like you. And so, by connecting schools across the UK with the best telecoms solutions for education, we help to empower the employees of tomorrow, and achieve our mission to keep Britain working.

Compliance and security credentials

We take the safety and security of student data very seriously. We are proud to be part of the G-Cloud framework, demonstrating our trustworthiness and government support in selling cloud products to public sector organisations.

Upgrade your school Wi-Fi with Daisy Communications

The Connect the Classroom funding program presents a golden opportunity for the UK education sector. We’d be honoured to join you in your journey to creating a stronger, safer, more streamlined experience for your school.

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