What is Daisy Anywhere Protect?

Daisy Anywhere Protect is an add on for your Daisy Anywhere solution, whether that’s for IoT, or other internet provision.

Whether you’re working with sensitive data or have vulnerable stakeholders whose usage needs to be monitored. It provides intelligent filtering and blocklists set at the network level, so your devices can’t circumvent your security to access forbidden sites. Removing the risk of your users compromising their devices, or even the whole network, by unintentionally visiting websites that host malware, viruses, and phishing scams.

Access Granted

Set exactly what you want users to access on the Internet and when. And add policies that grant access by users, groups, or even time of day.

Network Level Protection

Completely customisable Internet filtering on the Network level. Making it compatible with all SIM enabled devices or any of our managed connectivity solutions

Fully Manageable

Save money on an MDM. Visualise activity in real-time; generate and schedule detailed reports; lock SIM cards to a device; manage access and activity. All from a single platform.


Use regularly updated content lists from the IWF and CTIRU to comply with government policies. Fully compliant with organisations such as Ofsted and meets and exceeds policies such CIPA, Prevent Duty Guidance, and the Safer Schools Initiative.


Fill out the form below, and you’ll be contacted by one of our Daisy Anywhere specialists. They’ll set up a quick online chat about how Daisy Anywhere could fit into your connectivity solution.

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