As SIP Trunk providers, we can help you transform your legacy system to a SIP phone easily and efficiently.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is a flexible, low cost alternative to ISDN.

Using SIP allows your business to experience the benefits of a hosted solution, without removing your legacy telephone equipment.

It optimises your data connection, so you have one line for both voice services and your internet. It’s simply an evolution from a traditional phone system to one that can withstand whatever changes the future may bring.

You get the benefits of a hosted voice solution on the phones you’ve already got.

Benefits of SIP Trunking

Minimise Disruption – retain your existing phone system.

Business Continuity – never miss a call with automatic call diverts using the free Daisy Web Portal.

Reduce Charges – standard SIP trunk prices are £6 per month per trunk, compared to an average
of £16 per channel of an ISDN30. The cost benefits are clear.

Free Calls – ‘on-net’ calls between customer sites provided free of charge.

No Geographic Constraints – operate without geographic telephone number constraints (UK numbers only) and keep your number even when you move. *

Overlay Services Available – use services such as call recording and call reporting without on-site hardware.

Daisy SIP Connect 12
Call bundle includes
5000 local & national minutes
Mobile minutes included:
Contract length
12 months
RRP £11.99* per channel
Daisy SIP Connect 24
Call bundle includes
5000 local & national minutes
Mobile minutes included:
Contract length
24 months
RRP £9.99* per channel
Daisy SIP Connect 36
Call bundle includes
5000 local & national minutes
Mobile minutes included:
Contract length
36 months
RRP £8.99* per channel
* Please note: Prices exclude VAT

Why Daisy?

Great value

We’re an independent SIP trunk provider meaning we aggregate the best SIP phone services from the major suppliers, including Openreach, BT, TalkTalk and Gamma. Combined with our unique commercial agreements, we’ll get you the most competitive prices in the marketplace.


With the PSTN switch off set for 2025, you’re in safe hands with us as we’re one of only a small number of UK SIP trunk providers that’re actively involved in the industry planning meetings. Plus we offer expert support to help you make the switch from ISDN services to an internet-based solution like SIP trunk.

Breadth of choice

With exceptional rates to UK local, national and mobile numbers we’ve got a range of cost-effective phone line and SIP trunk deals. Plus, if you want to add-on helpful call features or you’re ready to move to IP telephony, we’ll support you and ensure there’s minimum disruption.

Excellent customer service

Our friendly, UK-based, 24/7 fault team will be on hand to help should you ever experience a problem and our 4.4 score on Trustpilot is testament to their commitment and support. We’ve also used Tier 1 carriers and networks for more than 20 years to ensure our customers receive quality SIP trunk services.

Account control

Access billing information, run call analytics and create cost centres using our online account management platform, Daisy MyAccount. Manage your SIP trunking account and access your information whenever you need it.

Fraud protection

Limit your commercial exposure to fraudulent activity with our 24/7/365 fraud protection service. We’ll monitor your SIP trunking account and using early detection, suspending lines and barring calls, we’ll keep you protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

SIP Trunking is a newer technology and allows voice and data to be carried on the same channel. SIP trunks use internet to deliver voice and data through a single line whereas ISDN uses the traditional copper network to deliver voice and data.

SIP Trunking is a gateway to Daisy Hosted Voice. SIP is run on your legacy phone system whereas with Daisy Hosted Voice you get new technology and a fully hosted solution.

It depends which package you choose. With our SIP Connect 12 and our SIP Connect 24 you’ll get 5,000 local and national minutes but if you opt for our SIP Connect 36 you’ll get 5,000 local and national minutes as well as 2,000 mobile minutes.

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